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Flat Dinosaur Bath Bomb Mold

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Flat Dinosaur Bath Bomb Mold
Flat Dinosaur Bath Bomb Mold

Flat Dinosaur Bath Bomb Mold. This is our Plunger Style Mold that make un-molding your mold so much easier. This Brontosaurus dinosaur will pair up with our Triceratops dinosaur here

Flat Dinosaur Bath Bomb Mold contains 3 pieces:
1 Flat Dinosaur Bath Bomb Mold Plunger
1 Flat Dinosaur Bath Bath Bomb Mold Puck
1 Flat Dinosaur Bath Bomb Mold Cylinder

Mold Size (The Bath Bomb Final Size):
3.75" Tall x 5" Wide
Can mold up to 1" thick bath bomb

3" Tall x 4" Wide
Can Mold up to 1" thick bath bomb

Bath Bomb photoed is Large and weighs 6.2 oz.

*Bath Bombs Not Included

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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Amanda Bowser

Love these molds easy to use

Medium Mold

Glad I got the smaller size. Even that weighed out at 5.5 oz. Fun mold to make; however neck and tail need more packing than the rest to prevent breaking/cracking. They turned out very cute!

Renay-Claude Beaulieu
One of my favorite mold

really easy to use !! I love it !!!

Theresa Fitzpatrick
Loved the dinosaur mold

At first I found it difficult to release the sleeve but once I did a few I got into the groove. Love this mold.


Was a little rough with main bomb batch, with a little extra oil, they turned out beautifully!!
Don't mind the peeling wax paper, alcohol wipe downs, wears it out fast...
Lost the top of a tail on one, painted up, did same to rest..