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Lollipop Bath Bomb Mold

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Lollipop Bath Bomb Mold

Lollipop Bath Bomb Mold.

Mold Size (The Bath Bomb Final Size):

3" Diameter x 3/4 Thick (Thickness will vary depending how much mix is placed into the mold)

Bath Bomb photoed weighs 3.5 oz

*Bath Bombs Not Included

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Customer Reviews

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Great for bath bombs and bubbles

Although I've had this mold for a year now I've only used it three times. You might wander why after this review. The mold is fantastic. It's not only easy to use but versatile. I haven't actually used it for bath bombs yet but I've used it to make bubble wands. They are so easy to unmold and the decoration possibilities are endless! I would 100% recommend this mold and I in fact will be purchasing a second one.

Quawana Banks

Lollipop Bath Bomb Mold


it's a very nice shape the details come out of the shape very well. but i haven't figured out the trick of bringing the holes for the rod on top of each other, but that's up to me.

Absolutely love this mold! Up until this point, I've only...

Absolutely love this mold! Up until this point, I've only used the round mold, so I wasn't sure how difficult it would be to use but it was super easy. Once I figured out the proper amount of mix to add, I was able to complete an entire batch in no time!

Itty Bitty Bubbles and Co.
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