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Monstera Leaf Bath Bomb Mold

Cada Molds

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Monstera Leaf Bath Bomb Mold - Cada Molds
Monstera Leaf Bath Bomb Mold - Cada Molds

Monstera Leaf Bomb Mold. This is our new plunger style Monstera Leaf Bomb Mold.

Monstera Leaf Bomb Mold contains 3 pieces:
1 Monstera Leaf Bomb Mold Plunger
1 Monstera Leaf Mold Puck
1 Monstera Leaf Mold Cylinder

Monstera Leaf Bath Bomb Mold Size  (The Bath Bomb Final Size):
4.9"(123mm) Wide x 3"(77mm) Tall x 1"(25mm) Thick (This will vary by how much mix is put into mold)

*Bath Bombs Not Included

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Saminta H.
Absolutely Love

This mold is so so cute with how full and plump the leaf looks. It is the perfect size for my bath bombs and shower steamers. So many options on the creative front, I love. The connection and indent for the smaller leaves adds a beautiful touch.

LisaMarie Stokes

This mold was super fun to use. I love anything tropical as well.... beautiful mold.

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