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Shampoo Bar Mold - Cada Molds

Shampoo Bar Mold is designed to be used by hand! This press will make molding your Shampoo bars so much easier! Get that perfect shampoo bar!

Also great to make Shower Steamers with!

Here is the video on how to use it:

*UPDATE* this mold has been adjusted since its release. If you are trying to replace or match an existing mold you have from us, you will need to let us know in the notes of your order for us to send you the correct version. Otherwise, your new mold will not match the older one.

Mold Sizes (The Size of Shampoo Bar)
3.00" Diameter
2.75" Diameter
2.50" Diameter
2.25" Diameter
2.00" Diameter

You can make the shampoo bar thicker or thinner by how much mix you put into the mold. Makes up to a 2" thick Shampoo Bar.

Please keep note of the processing time when checking out. For more information visit our Processing Time page.

Care Card Instructions can also be found on our Care Instructions page.

Customer Reviews

Based on 127 reviews
Patty Goodwin

I love it

Kathleen Benz

Absolutely perfect for my shampoo bars!!!

Love this mold - Perfect for Shower Steamers

I have only used this for shower steams and it's fantastic. Perfectly formed almost every time. I switched from the cube mold because I wasn't having much success with that one!. Love this mold!

Matilda Ofori-Aboagye

Great, love it. Just what I needed for my shampoo.

Deborah Dickens
Shampoo bar mold

Great buy love it

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