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COVID-19 Information

COVID-19 Response

We want you to know that the safety of our customers is our number one priority.  We are following all CDC Guidelines for our business that are posted here:

We have always focused on cleanliness in our store. On top of our daily cleaning procedures, we are now implementing a more rigorous cleaning routine which focuses on cleaning and sanitizing commonly touched surfaces, door handles, and workstations.  We are frequently washing our hands, preventing from touching our faces, and implemented social distancing.

COVID-19 PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)

During the initial outbreak of covid-19 we were making Face Shields for medical staff. Some nurses were only provided 1 face mask daily that they must wear throughout the entire day even if it gets soiled. These face shields will help protect their eyes as well as their face masks.

Time on our printers was slated every day to make these face shields. They were donated to local medical staff in need only and were not be available for sale. We were working with local hospitals and nurses to get them the face shields they need. If you are still in need of ppe in your area or can donate ppe, please visit for more information.


The face shields we were making are approved by the NIH and can be found on their website here:

Supplemental COVID Face Shield - Instructions for Use
Supplemental COVID Face Shield – Quality Control Protocol

Face Shield Cover can be purchased here, holes are standard us 3 ring binder.

Size: 8 1/2" x 11 1/4" Rounded Corners
Weight/Thickness: 10mil
Select Hole Punch: Unpunched
Select Tissue: No Tissue