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Frog Bath Bomb Mold

Cada Molds

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Frog Bath Bomb Mold
Frog Bath Bomb Mold

Frog Bath Bomb Mold. This is our plunger style mold for easier un-molding.

NOTE: If using the frog with the lilly pad mold, the small size was made to fit on the lilly pad.

Frog Bath Bomb Mold Contains:
1 Frog Bath Bomb Mold Plunger
1 Frog Bath Bomb Mold Puck
1 Frog Bath Bomb Mold Cylinder

Frog Bath Bomb Mold Size (The Bath Bomb Final Size):

3"(77mm) Tall x 3.2"(80mm) Wide x 1"(25mm) Thick (This will vary by how much mix is put into mold)

2.3"(59mm) Tall x 2.4"(61mm)Wide x 1"(25mm) Thick (This will vary by how much mix is put into mold)

Photoed Bath Bomb is Medium and Weighs 4 oz

*Bath Bombs Not Included

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Jennifer Sterling
3D frog mold

Absolutely LOVE this mold! Super cute!

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