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Highland Cow Freshie Mold

Cada Molds

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Highland Cow Freshie Mold - Cada Molds

Flexible Silicone Freshie Molds made for easier making! These new molds are made for freshies, with the flexible silicone and the premade knob you won't have to struggle with a cookie cutter or screws again!

These molds are NOT food and dishwasher safe. To clean silicone mold after use simply hand wash with soap and water.

Discoloration or staining from dyes may occur on these molds overtime with use. 

Please note these molds are handmade and may have some minor imperfections such as small bubbles from being poured. All molds that are sent out are inspected during the shipping process and these minor flaws will never affect the outcome of your finished product. 

Small Size Dimensions
00" (00mm) Tall x 00" (00mm) Wide x 1" (25mm) Thick

Large Size Dimensions
00" (00mm) Tall x 00" (91mm) Wide x 1" (25mm) Thick

Please keep note of the processing time when checking out. For more information visit our Processing Time page.

Care Card Instructions can also be found on our Care Instructions page. Please visit our Store Policies for more information about the molds and orders.

Customer Reviews

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Highland cow freshie mold

Shipping was quicker than usual . Frieshie mold is very unique design and sturdy . Thanks.

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