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Indented Bath Bomb Mold


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Indented Bath Bomb Mold
Indented Bath Bomb Mold
Indented Bath Bomb Mold

Indented Bath Bomb Mold. Great way to get that indent on the top of your bath bomb to add amazing toppings!?

Available Mold Sizes (The Bath Bomb Final Size Diameter):

3", 2.75", 2.5", 2.25", and 2"

Please keep note of the processing time when checking out. For more information visit our Processing Time page.

Care Card Instructions can also be found on our Care Instructions page.

Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews
Stephanie Young

Absolutely obsessed with this mold! I've used it more times than I can count! So easy to use!

Beth Jarvis
Perfection, again.

I need an intervention, Cada Molds are the best! Easy to use, easy to order.

Laura Davis
Customer service is the ONLY thing better than their molds!

My indented mold is amazing! This is my 3rd order with Cada and I could not be happier. Any issues I have ever had were taken care of immediately and with genuine care! My molds preform perfectly, and this indented bath bomb mold is no different. Small in size, but mighty in quality. Worth every penny. My only issue is choosing what butters and designs to put in the indent! Thank you, Cada! <3

Katherine Babcock
Fantastic Indented Mold!

This mold is.perfect for anything you want in an indented shape - I'm still working on perfecting my soap frosting, but I've enjoyed placing different bath salts in the cavities. I love having the option of cavity or no cavity by using my regular bath bomb mold by Cada. This mold is so easy to use - I didn't find there was even a learning curve with this particular mold.

Cabell Gathman
Easy to use for a new maker!

I'm still trying to perfect my mix, but I was able to make some absolutely perfect bombs with this. Edge dried hard on two of the three; a little bit of crumbling on the last one, but that's on my mix (and was covered up with geode decoration after anyway). Included embeds with no issues whatever.

I do plan to use a metallic sharpie to mark the indent side of the mold, for future ease of unmolding in the best order for getting it out to dry.

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