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Multi-Shampoo Bar Mold

Cada Molds

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Multi-Shampoo Bar Mold - Cada Molds
Multi-Shampoo Bar Mold - Cada Molds

Multi-Shampoo Bar Mold is designed to be used by hand! This press will allow you to make 6 shampoo bars at once! Get that perfect shampoo bar!

Also great to make Shower Steamers with!

*UPDATE* this mold has been adjusted since its release. If you are trying to replace or match an existing mold you have from us, you will need to let us know in the notes of your order for us to send you the correct version. Otherwise your new mold will not match the older one.


Mold Sizes (The Size of Shampoo Bar)
2.50" Diameter
2.25" Diameter
2.00" Diameter
1.75" Diameter
1.50" Diameter

You can make the shampoo bar thicker or thinner by how much mix you put into the mold. Makes up to a 2" thick Shampoo Bar.

*Bath Bombs Not Included

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Jennine Emert
Great mold

It’s a lot more tricky than I thought it would. I use it as a shampoo bar mold so you have to line it or the mix will stick. With the multi-bar, you have to line each hole and they can lap into the other space. But I still love it. It still saves time from the single mold

Saves time and effort!!

I made shower bombs, instead of filling, pressing and unmolding 12 times it only took two. This saved me so much time and effort, totally worth every dollar.

Angelica Ruiz
Multi shampoo bar mold

Excellent, just what I needed, the shampoo bars are perfectly shaped, very easy to work with it.


Quality is amazing. I am never disappointed with the molds I have purchased from Cada!

Love it!

Works Great for my shampoo bars

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