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Multi-Square Bath Bomb Mold


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Multi-Square Bath Bomb Mold
Multi-Square Bath Bomb Mold

Multi-Square Bath Bomb Mold is designed to be used by hand! This press will allow you to make 6 square bath bombs at once! Get that perfect square bath bombs. Also great for square shower steamers and square shampoo bars!

Bath Bomb Mold contains 3 pieces:
1 Multi-Square Bath Bomb Mold Plunger
1 Multi-Square Bath Bomb Mold Puck
1 Multi-Square Bath Bomb Mold Cylinder

Mold Sizes:

You can make the bath bombs, shower steamers, and shampoo bars thicker or thinner by how much mix you put into the mold.

*Bath Bombs Not Included

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Customer Reviews

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Robyn French Smith

I was hesitant to give this a try since it seemed so big and bulky, but I sell through shower steamers so quickly that I finally gave in and wow! It was so easy to use and work with! If you’re making square shower steamers then you need to give this a shot. Yes, it’s a big financial investment but you’ll save so much time being able to crank them out that you won’t regret it. I only wish I hadn’t been stubborn and had given it a shot weeks ago.

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