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Present Bombshell Bath Bomb Mold

Cada Molds

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Present Bombshell Bath Bomb Mold - Cada Molds
Present Bombshell Bath Bomb Mold - Cada Molds
Present Bombshell Bath Bomb Mold - Cada Molds
Present Bombshell Bath Bomb Mold - Cada Molds
Present Bombshell Bath Bomb Mold - Cada Molds
Present Bombshell Bath Bomb Mold - Cada Molds

Present Bombshell Bath Bomb Mold. Fill with your favorite bath bomb dust, shimmering glitter, or embeds! Seal the mold closed with coco butter or use a tie to tie two half closed. Multiple variations are possible!

One(1) 2 Piece Mold to Mold the Top Cup (With the hole)
One(1) 2 Piece Mold to Mold the Bottom Cup (Without the hole)

Topper Includes:
One(1) 3 Piece Mold to Mold the Topper (Choose Heart, Gem, or Stem Mold)
More toppers can be added here: https://cadamolds.com/products/gem-topper-bath-bomb-mold

Mold Size (The Bath Bomb Final Size):
2.6"(66mm) W x 2.6"(66mm) L

Bath Bomb Photoed Weighs 10.1oz Empty

*Bath Bombs Not Included

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Fantastic mold

These are well made and make a very nice bath bomb. Very good to work with.

Claudia Muñoz Marcocchio
Love it

I really love the design


I genually came across Cada from another facebook group for bath bomb help and since then i have ordered as many molds as my bank balance can afford. Not only is the team super helpful but they too are makers. It means that if a question is needed on best unmoulding they will know as each mold design is tested before being released. These are produced to order meaning you know your mold is hot off the press. Quite literally. Design (PERFECTO) , Quality (TOP KNOTCH) so if your still thinking about it i suggest you stop.. you click and you shop instead and trust me you wont be dissapointed

Angela Jensen
Present Bombshell

I wanted to love this mold so badly! This was the perfect bath bomb idea for my daughter! She wanted to give her friends bath bombs shaped like presents with bows on top for holidays and birthdays. It doesn’t matter what I do, the bath bombs always come out of this mold in pieces. No matter how many different times I change my recipe to make this work, it doesn’t. The mix ALWAYS gets stuck and won’t come out. I have loved every other mold I have purchased! I love the bow that goes on top of this! It works perfectly like every other Cada Mold I have tried! I just wish this mold was designed as an outer sleeve with 2 shallow end pieces. I’m certain the reason every mix I’ve tried gets stuck because the mold is just too deep! But I know me, and I’ll keep trying anyway. Maybe one day a miracle will happen!

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