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Sphere Bath Bomb Mold

Cada Molds

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Sphere Bath Bomb Mold
Sphere Bath Bomb Mold
Sphere Bath Bomb Mold
Sphere Bath Bomb Mold
Sphere Bath Bomb Mold

Bath Bomb Mold. This mold will make molding your bath bombs so much easier! Get that perfect Saturn ring each time.

NO expensive press needed!! These are designed to be used by hand. Watch the video here to see how easy it is to use!!

Sphere Bath Bomb Mold contains 3 pieces:
2 Sphere Bath Bomb Mold Cups
1 Sphere Bath Bomb Mold Cylinder

Available Sphere Bath Bomb Mold Sizes (The Bath Bomb Final Size Diameter):
3", 2.75", 2.5", 2.25", 2", 1.75”, 1.5”, 1.25", 1"

2.50" is our most popular size

How to use our mold:

Please keep note of the processing time when checking out. For more information visit our Processing Time page.

Care Card Instructions can also be found on our Care Instructions page.


Customer Reviews

Based on 317 reviews
Rachel H.
So easy for a first timer

My bath bombs consistently come out really nice with this mold. It's so easy to use.

Dana Sperfslage
Sphere Mold

These are my top sellers and so easy to use.

Melted Pleasure
Great product.

The mold is just as described.

Caitlin Clark
Sphere Bath Bomb Mold

Love it! It’s so much better than the metal mold I was using. I can make more bath bombs in less time and significantly less hand pain! One day all of my molds will be this awesome.

Tammy Morgan
Cada molds

I'm new to bath bombs, I loved the molds!!! I need practice! And then some more practice!!! Thank you for offering this type of mold...I'm sure, I will get great at them, and will be buying more!